Booklist 3: Other Faith-based

Collins, Paul:

Papal Power
(Harper collins, 1992; published on-line with permission at Women Priests website)

Endean, Philip

Karl Rahner and Ignatian Spirituality
Oxford University Press, 2001 (Spirituality)

Endean is a Jesuit priest and Professor of theology at Oxford University.  What better credentials could one want, for an English language text on Ignatius?

Farley, Margaret A.

Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics

Continuum, 2006 (Ethics, Sexuality)

Filichowski, Julian and Stanford, Peter (eds)

Opening Up Speaking Out in the Church
(Darton Longman Todd, 2005)

A collection of articles written as a 60th birthday tribute to Martin Pendergast.

Heyman, Eva

The Deeper Centre

Darton Longman Todd, 2006, Spirituality

Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal

Introduction to Christianity

(Ignatius Press, 1990, 2004 )(Theology)

Robinson, Bishop Geoffrey

Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church

Reclaiming the Spirit of Jesus

Columbia Press, 2007 (Catholic Church)

Strongly recommended


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