Booklist 2: Other LGBT

Bray, Alan

Bray was an important historian who was, before his deat, a prominent activist  in gay Catholic circles in London. The annual “Allan Bray Memorial Lectures” are named after him.

Homosexuality in Renaissance England

Columbia University Press, 1982, 1995 (History, Sexuality)

This is an important work of history (not particularly faith-based), but I confess that gfor all its importance and my interest in history, I found heavy going. Still, I am pleased to own a copy, and continue to dip into it from time to time.

The Friend

University of Chicago Press, 2003 (History, Sexuality)

Explores extraordinary nuggets of history, describing numerous instances from earlier times where same-sex couples were buried in shared graves, thereby receiving implicit recognition by the church.   Boswell showed how the earrly church recognised the formation of same-sex unions with specific rites of church blessing.  This volume of Bray’s makes an excellent companion, showing how the church at even later times continued to recognise these unions in their eternal rest.

Katz, Jonathan Ned

The Invention of Heterosexuality
University of Chicago Press, 2007

( History, Sexuality)

Weeks, Jeffrey

Coming Out

Quartet Books, 1990 (revised ed)

(History, sexuality)
Strongly recommended by QTC

Williams, Craig A.

Roman Homosexuality Ideologies of Masculinity in Classical Antiquity

Oxford University Press, 1999 (History, sexuality)

Strongly recommended by QTC


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