Beattie Jung: Sexual Diversity and Catholicism

Sexual Diversity and CatholicismContents :


Part One: Interpreting God’s Word

1.    A Call to Listen: The Church’s Pastoral and Theological Response to Gays and Lesbians (Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton)
2.    Unitive and Procreative Meaning:  the Inseparable Link (James P. Hanigan)
3.    The Bridegroom and the Bride:  The Theological Anthropology of John Paul 11 and its Relation to the Bible and Homosexuality (Susan A Ross)
4.    The Church and Homosexuality:  A Lonergian Approach (Jon Nilson)


5.    The Promise of Postmodern Hermeneutics for the Biblical Renewal of Moral Theology (Patricia Beattie Jung)
6.    Questions About the Construction of (Homo)sexuality: Same-Sex Relations in the Hebrew Bible (Robet A. De Vito)
7.    Romans 1:26-27:  The Claim that Homosexuality is Unnatural (Leland J. White)
8.  The new Testament and Homosexuality? (Bruce J. Malina)
9.   Perfect Fear Casteth out Love:  Reading, Citing and Rape (Mary Rose D’Angelo)

Part Three: Interpreting Secular Disciplines

10.  Homosexuality, MOral Theology, and Scientific Evidence (Sidney Callahan)
11.  Informing the debate on Homosexuality:  The Behavioural Sciences and the Church (Isaiah Crawford and Brian D Zamboni)
12.  harming by Exclusion  (David T. Ozar)

Part Four: Interpreting Human Experience

13.  Papal Ideals, Marital Realities: one View from the Ground (Cristina L.H. Traine)
14.  Catholic Lesbian Feminist Theology (Mary E. Hunt)

Subject index
Index of Ecclesial Documents


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