Robinson, Bishop Geoffrey: Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church

The more Immediate Causes of Abuse
The wider focus of This Book
A Personal History

1  Healthy People in a Healthy Relationship with a Healthy God.
A Healthy God
Healthy People
A Healthy Relationship

2  The Two Books of God
The Bible
The Worlds Around and Within Us

3  Spiritual Discernment
The Tool of Discernment

4  An Eternal Plan, A Sharing of Life and the Reign of God
God’s Eternal Plan
A Sharing of Life
The Reign of God
The Church

5  Like His Brothers and Sisters in Every Respect
The Knowledge of Jesus
Notification on the Works of Fr Jon Sobrinus, SJ

6  In Service of God’s People
The Bible
What has been Handed on to Us
The Present Situation
Learning From the World Around Us

7  The Authority of “The Church”
A Peter-Figure
The Middle Level
The Faith of the Whole Church

8  Free and Responsible
The Bible
Religious Liberty
Assisting Conscience

9  A Turbulence and a Whirlpool
The Bible
What Has Been Handed on To Us

10  The Return to an Original Sexual Ethic
Origins of Current Catholic Teaching
An Ethic Based on Persons
Thee Major Questions

11  A Dark Grace, A Severe Mystery
Spiritual Harm and Spiritual Healing
A New Assignment to Ministry

12  The Prison of the Past
The Freedom to be Wrong
Truths essential to Identity
One Authority Changing Another
Particular Issues
The Certainty of Faith

13  A Government in Which All Participate
The First Level:  The Peter-Figure
The Second Level: The Bishops
The Third Level: The Mind of the Whole Church

14  A Change of Heart and Mind
Accountability and Professionalism
The Laity: Citizens or Civilians?
Renewing the Theological Conversation
Putting Our Own House in Order
A Church in the World


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