Filchowski & Stanford (eds): Opening Up

Note on the Contributors

PART ONE:  The Big Picture

1.  Kneeding the Dough of the Eucharist  (Timothy Radcliffe OP)

2.   Getting Real About the Otion for the Poor  (Jon Sobrino,  SJ)

3.  Love and Justice:  In God and Church, in Sexuality and Society (Enda McDonagh)

4.   Assessing Our Inheritance:  John Paul II and the Diginity of Women (Judy Clague)

PART TWO:  In Good Faith:  The Realities of Sexuality

5.  Breaking Our Silence  (Ann Smith)

6. Good-Faith Learning and the Fear of God  (James Alison)

7.  Teenage Pregnancy: Are the Churches to Blame? (Jane Fraser)

8.  Educating in a Time of HIV/ AIDS  (Jon Fuller SJ and James Keenan, SJ)

9.   Families Valued  (Eva Heymann SHCJ)

10.  The Quandaries of Nature and Grace  (Mark Jordan)

11.   Aftermath of Abuse  (John Allan Loftus, SJ)

PART THREE:  A World in Crisis

12   When the Paradigm Shifts, Even the Church Has to Change   (Diarmuid O’Murchu, MSC)

13.   The Poor Come First   (Julian Filochowski)

14.  Can a Catholic be a Good Democrat?  (Aidan O’Neill, QC)

15.   Peace, Conflict and the Future of the Church  (Valerie Flessati and eter Kent)

16.  The Spirit of Reconciliation:  Mission in a World of Many Faiths, Identities and Conflicts  (Robert Kaggwa, M Afr)

PART FOUR:   The Oortunities for Benedicat XVI

17.  An Ecumenical Pilgrimage:  Stepping Out From Security  (Wilfred McGreal OCarm)

18.  Changing Hierarchical Structures (Jeannine Grammick)

19.  The Future of the Liturgy  (Alan Griffiths)

20.  Keeping it Honest:  The Role of the Laity in A Clerical Church (Conor Geary)

21.   Do we Need a vatican III? (Kevin Kelly)


“A Day of Blessing” (Jim Cotter)


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