LGBT Pastoral Care; HIV/AIDS responses

Coleman, Gerald:

Homosexuality: Catholic Teaching & Pastoral Practice
(Paulist Press, 1995)

Listed by Martin Pendergast

Collins, Raymond F:

Sexual Ethics & the New Testament
(Crossroads, 2000 )

Listed by Martin Pendergast

Dominian, Jack:

Proposals For a New Sexual Ethic
Darton, Longman, Todd (DLT), 1977

Sexual Integrity: The Answer to Aids
Darton, Longman, Todd (DLT), 1987

Both listed by Martin Pendergast

Goss, Robert:

Jesus Acted Up: A Gay & Lesbian Manifesto
(Harper & Row, 1993)

Listed by Martin Pendergast

Gramick, Jeannine

Grammick & Furey, Pat (eds):

The Vatican & Homosexuality
Crossroad, 1988

Grammick & Nugent, Robert:

Building Bridges
Twenty Third Publications, 1992

Voices of Hope
Centre for Homophobia Education, 1995

All listed by Martin Pendergast

Hanigan, James:

Homosexuality: The Test Case for Christian Sexual Ethics

Paulist Press, 1988Listed by Martin Pendergast

Harvey, John

The Truth about Homosexuality
(Ignatius Press, 1996)

Listed by Martin Pendergast

Hasbany, Richard

Homosexuality and Religion
(Haworth Press, 1990)

Recommended by Dignity USA

Hunt, Mary:

Fierce Tenderness
(Crossroad, 1991)

Listed by Martin Pendergast

Keenan, James(ed):

Catholic Ethicists on HIV/AIDS Prevention
(Continuum, 2000)

Listed by Martin Pendergast

Kelly, Kevin:

New Directions in Sexual Ethics
(Geoffrey Chapman, 1998)

From a Parish Base: Essays in Moral & Pastoral Theology
(DLT, 1999)

Listed by Martin Pendergast

L’Empereur, James

Spiritual Direction and the Gay Person
(Geoffrey Chapman, 1998)

Listed by Martin Pendergast


Whose Church?

See the review on CCL Books online.

McNaught, Brian:

On Being Gay:  Thoughts on Family, Faith and Love
(St Martin’s Press, 1988)

Listed by Martin Pendergast

Moore, Gareth OP

A Question of Truth:  Christianity and Homosexuality

(Continuum Books, 2003)

Recommended by QTC;
Listed by Martin Pendergast

(Scripture, Theology, Sexuality)

Nugent, Robert:

The Challenge to Love: Gay & Lesbian Catholics in the Church
(Crossroad, 1989)

Listed by Martin Pendergast

Peddicord, Richard:

Gay and Lesbian Rights: A Question – Sexual Ethics or Social Justice?
Sheed & Ward, 1996

Listed by Martin Pendergast

Rudy, Kathy

Sex and the Church

Rudy looks at the historical development of the family, from a feminist perspective.  Her conclusion is that LGBT people are mistaken in looking to mimic heterosexual families, suggesting that urban gay male culture offers a model of human relationships modelled on community. She denies the argument that Christian sexuality needs to be procreative – Christianity reproduces itself not by procreation, but by conversion.  What matters is not whether two people can produce children, but whether they can embrace outsiders – the key characteristic of Christianity.

Schinnick, Maurice:

This Remarkable Gift: Being Gay and Catholic
(Allen & Unwin, 1998)

Listed by Martin Pendergast

Scroggs, Robin:

The New Testament and Homosexuality
(Augsburg Fortress, 1984)

Recommended by Dignity USA

Smith, Richard:

Aids, Gays and the American Catholic Church
The Pilgrim Press, 1994

Listed by Martin Pendergast

Storey, William:

A Book of Prayer for Gay & Lesbian  Christians
(Crossroads, 2002 )

Listed by Martin Pendergast

Stuart, Elisabeth:

Stuart is a professor of theology at King Alfred’s College, Winchester, and one of the most prominent theologians in the field of gay and lesbian theology.

Daring to Speak Love’s Name – A Gay and Lebian Prayer Book
Hamish Hamilton, 1992

Listed by Martin Pendergast

Sullivan, Andrew:

Virtually Normal: An Argument About Homosexuality
(Picador, 1995)

Another Kind of Love (3rd ed)
(St Thomas More Press, 1988)

Listed by Martin Pendergast


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