Joan of Arc, Cross-dressing Martyr

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One Response to “Joan of Arc, Cross-dressing Martyr”

  1. perfecto Rodriguez II Says:

    Homosexual and Lesbians or fags and dykes…it’s ALL WRONG! Get real you strange individuals. Who are you trying to fool? It is not that Joan of Arc or Christ were gay/lesbian. In those days, they lived by certain vows of celibacy or abstinance, something that todays world will not familiarize itself with. NO, Jesus was not gay. You are only alleging your own life of sin on someone in which by todays base morals would automatically consider someone gay. Even the animals seek there opposite mate. Homosexuality and lesbianism as I call it is WRONG. Am I a christian preaching on morals, no…I am a practicing WITCH. There is common sense to this belief. As said, BE GAY get AIDS!

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