Gay Catholics

Michael Kelly’s response:

Gay Catholics & “The Church in Four Dimensions” (Part I)

February 12, 2010 — Terence@queerchurch | Edit

A comment to my recent post at the Open Tabernacle ,“Excluded from God’s People: the Problem with Homosexualitatis Problema” puts the question, “Why not just join the Anglican Communion?”, a frequent question whenever I write about the flaws in the official Vatican line on “homosexuality”. (This is odd, as I have never yet seen the same question put to people who question the teaching on contraception, for instance.)

My short answer was:

Why, indeed? I may disagree (strongly) with the Vatican on certain issues, but the Catholic Church is far more than just a handful of power obsessed clerics in Rome, and far more than the bizarre teachings on sexuality. I will be writing more on this shortly.

My longer answer goes along the lines clearly expressed by the Australian Catholic theologian Michael B Kelly, in an address he gave in the Melbourne City Hall, at the invitation of the Cultural Affairs Office of the city of Melbourne in January 2004. This is contained in his excellent book, “Seduced by Grace”, which I was reading just yesterday, and which I summarize below.

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The Church in Four Dimensions: Part 2.

February 13, 2010 — Terence@queerchurch | Edit

Last week, I began discussing the theologian Michael B Kelly’s observations on the challenge of being both gay and Catholic.  His full exposition approaches the issue along four dimensions, length, breadth, depth and height. Of these, I have previously looked at only his introductory remarks and the first dimension, that of “length”, by which he means the long span of historical time applicable.  I now look at the  remaining three “dimensions”.

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