Gay Relationships, Cardinal Schonborn, & Church Reform

I’m a little slow in noting this, but last week marked three months since then Cardinal Schonborn, cardinal archbishop of Vienna, suggested that it might be time for the Church to rethink its stance on homosexual relationships, considering the quality of the relationships, rather than simply the “acts”, which is the sole focus of the Vatican document, “Homosexualitatis Problema” (“HP”). This seemingly obvious, eminently rational suggestion is nevertheless so out of kilter with the official stance embodied in HP that I have been waiting and watching carefully for any sign of refutation or repudiation, but there has still not been anything of the sort. Read the rest of this entry »

Cardinal Schonborn’s “Rebuke”.

When Cardinal Schonborn of Vienna recently met with Pope Benedict, together with Cardinals Bertone and Sodano, it was widely reported as a papal “rebuke” for his earlier outspoken criticism of Cardinal Sodano. My interest was that this “rebuke”, if that is what it was, appeared not to include any references to the remarks Schonborn had made in the same press conference calling a rethink  of some issues in Catholic moral theology. He suggests, you may recall, that it was time for the Church to consider the quality of homosexual relationships, rather than the existing obsession with homosexual “acts”, and suggest that in a world where so many couples are not interested in marrying at all, we should look more sympathetically at those who want to remarry after divorce.

I was fascinated then by two features of a story at, which examines the MSM (mainstream media)  reporting on this meeting, which Daniel Klimek compares with the text of the official news release, which he quotes in full. As he points out, this text does not in any way constitute a “rebuke”, and still less does it support the impression given that Schonborn had been “summoned” to Rome for a dressing-down. Instead, the text states that Schonborn himself had requested the meeting to “clarify” some matters of misreporting of his original remarks about Cardinal Schonborn, and the former Archbishop of Vienna, Bishop Groer. Read the rest of this entry »