The Pope and Cameron’s Big Society

In the run-up to the UK general election, David Cameron’s big idea was the “Big Society” – the idea that he would encourage community groups to initiate projects themselves, rather than waiting for the state to do everything for them. However, for “big society” to develop projects, they must be allowed to promote ideas. It has now become clear that he is only prepared to allow the ideas, and hence “big society” projects, that he approves of.

A recent dramatic news story here concerned a recently released prisoner who immediately shot an ex-girlfriend and killed her new boyfriend.  This was then followed by a protracted manhunt, tracked daily on national TV news, culminating in a distasteful scene where, under heavy police guard, he ended by shooting himself, all in front of the TV cameras. This was then followed by the stupidity of a Facebook page mourning his death, and treating him, a  clear murderer, as an innocent victim.  Pretty stupid, but any sane person would know that Facebook can produce some idiocies.  The best thing is simply to ignore them. Not Mr Cameron -he used his authority as PM to pressure Facebook into shutting down the page.


Peter Tatchell

A more serious example concerns the upcoming papal visit.

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