For the Ordinariate – There’s Just No Escape.

‘Durex’ Has Links with Ordinariate Horror!

As members of the Ordinariate, we are MORTIFIED to discover Durex is advertising RC masses on its website for condoms. We devout Roman Catholics are not allowed to wear rubbers, especially during Divine Service. Yesterday, some of our former-Anglican brethren were ordained RC ministers by wicked Archbishop Vincent Nichols. This “revisionist” clergyman allows Masses for Poofs in a RC Church in Soho, London. This blasphemous service is shown on the Durex site, aimed at promiscuous homosexualists. The reason we joined the Ordinariate was to escape from women, sinners and homos. Pooftahs are allowed their own mass – in Vincent Nichols’ Diocese! As former-Anglicans, our role now is to purify the RC Church of all sin. Having escaped from lesbians and other women in the Church of England, we now discover the RC Church has them as well!. Our aim is to cause the same amount of trouble for the Pope as we did for ++Rowan Williams when we were members of his Sect. We have always been trouble-makers. And we’re not stopping now!

(From Anglican Mainstream / Bible-Believing Anglicans)

Blessing Same Sex Unions in Toronto

There is no longer any doubt in my mind that widepread, formal recognition by Chrisitan churches of same-sex unions, by liturgical rites in church, is on the way – one small step at a time.

One of these small steps is in the diocese of Toronto, where the local archbishop has given pastoral guidelines for blessing same sex unions. Technically, the impact will be only local, in his own archdiocese, and limited to a simple blessing, not full marriage. Effectively, though, this one of those small steps that makes subsequent strides that much easier. Civil marriage for same sex couples is already a well-established fact of life in Canada. Church blessings in Toronto will soon spread across the nation, just as civil marriage did after a purely local introduction. From country-wide blessing of civil unions, to blessing civil marriages, to full church weddings, will be easy steps. Sweden already has gay and lesbian church weddings in the Lutheran church, with which Anglicans and Episcopalians are in communion. Other Scandinavian churches will soon follow suit – as will Canadian Anglicans, just a little later.

Archbishop Johnson with Queen Elizabeth, 2010

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Jeffrey John: Reaction

One of the more outrageous elements of the fiasco over Rowan Williams’ support, then withdrawal of support, of Jeffrey John as the next bishop of Southwark was his  suggestion that he had withdrawn his support because he did not want to be “pressured” into support for or against a particular candidate. But if, as appears to be the case, the leak came from Johns’ opponents, that us precisely what he has done: he has allowed the evangelicals to influence him to derail the nomination of his own favoured candidate, the one who was clearly the most talented, and the most suitable for this specific diocese. Read the rest of this entry »

Jeffrey John Blocked – Again

In a most disappointing move, Jeffrey John will Not, after all, be the next Anglican bishop of Southwark.

It seems that part of the reason may have been the breach of confidentiality. Rowan Williams is said to have been furious, and insisted that he would not be “pressured” into backing any one candidate. Interestingly, a report from the Guardian earlier this week was that “sources” were that the leak had been engineered by the evangelical faction.

Part of the build-up to this was news that the evangelicals were “furious” at John’s nomination. Others will be furious that an obviously talented, capable and much-loved candidate, with close personal knowledge of Southwark diocese, has been blocked on purely ideological grounds.

From the Guardian:

Gay clergyman blocked from becoming bishop

Jeffrey John barred from becoming Bishop of Southwark – the second time that he has failed to be appointed to such a senior position following a row over his sexuality Read the rest of this entry »

Gay Bishop for Church of England?

In a move that deserves close watching, an openly gay man has been approved for inclusion on the shortlist of candidates to be selected as the next Anglican Bishop of Southwark (South London), in a move which would make him the first openly gay bishop here in the UK. Back in 2003 he was selected as bishop of Reading – but in an embarrassing about-face by Archbishop Rowan Williams, was forced to withdraw in the face of the public outcry, and instead accepted appointment as dean of St Alban’s cathedral.

Archbishop Williams’ craven intervention has been widely seen as the nadir among many low points in his handling of the rift in the Anglican communion over LGBT inclusion. No doubt, he was hoping to placate the anger of the evangelical wing, especially in the African churches, and fend off the growing divisions. Instead, the conservatives have simply used it as a pretext for more muscle flexing and intransigence, on gay bishops and women bishops. The division can no longer be fended off – it is there already. The only question now, is the precise shape it will take.

Meanwhile, Dean Johns has gained many admirers in the execution of his duties at St Alban’s, and is well liked in the liberal leaning diocese, which includes in its area some notable concentrations of gay population:

Crucially, it is understood that many of the Commission believe that he is the best candidate. Articulate, pastorally sensitive as well as being an intellectual heavyweight, he is considered to have done an excellent job as dean of St Albans.

He knows the diocese well from his time as canon at Southwark cathedral, and would be a popular choice with its overwhelmingly liberal parishes. Read the rest of this entry »

Anglican Clergy & Contraception

Amidst the reams that have been written about the proposed welcome to disaffected Anglicans, most commentaries have focussed either on the affront female  and gay Catholics of welcoming some people whose main motivation is opposition to women or gay clergy, or on the prospect that this will reopen discussion on compulsory celibacy for priests.

Now Commonweal has raised another controversial issue that will likely be raised afresh.  The Anglican communion resolved as long ago as the Lambeth conference of 1930 that contraception was not necessarily wrong.  Today, there are few Anglicans who regard contraception as a moral issue.

Birth Control Methods

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