Gay Marriage: Where Next?

In the first six months of the year, three countries have already approved legal recognition for same sex marriage, up from just two last year, and an average of less than one a year during the previous eight years. The pace is clearly accelerating. We could well ask, where next? There are several candidates, some of which could see change quite soon.


State of Marriage, Europe: July 2010


Luxembourg is closely associated with its neighbours Netherlands and Belgium (hence the term “Benelux” countries), which were the first to introduce full marriage equality. At present, the Grand Duchy’s legal provision is based on the French PACS, but the government has announced plans to upgrade that to full marriage. In January, the minister of Justice announced  promised that legislation would be passed before the summer recess this year. The  bill was accepted for the session which began last week, and could be passed within weeks.

Slovenia announced its intention to provide legal recognition in July 2009, and passed the first reading of the required bill in March this year. There have been no reports since.

Nepal will introduce full marriage rights for all couples, but this too could take some time yet. To comply with a ruling by the Supreme Court last year, the country is obliged to do so, and has promised to include such a provision in the new constitution currently being drafted. It is expected that this should be promulgated by May 2011. Read the rest of this entry »

Marriage Equality: Is Cyprus Next?

Around the world, the movement toward marriage equality is inexorable, however much Maggie Gallagher and her National organisation Against Marriage my claim that they have reversed the tide.   The disappointment in Maine, New York and New Jersey were stalls, not reverses.  Meanwhile, there have been a steady stream of less publicized advances elsewhere, and on other fronts. I the US, a series of court judgements have improved the prospects for both gay adoption and gay divorce.  Across the globe, there are many countries where the cause of gay marriage is moving ahead.  Cyprus just may be the next.  (Before writing this off as just a small country with limited significance, remember that Cyprus is a full member of the European Union.  Marriage Equality in Cyprus will increase the  pressure on the few remaining EU countries which have lagged behind, such as Greece and heavily Catholic Italy.)

From the Cyprus Mail:


Government to look at legalising gay marriage

THE GOVERNMENT will soon examine the issue of making same-sex marriages legal in Cyprus, Interior Ministry Permanent Secretary Lazaros Savvides has told the Sunday Mail. Read the rest of this entry »