Catholics for Equality

There is something Catholic in the wind and it smells a bit like mutiny. It sounds like the early morning clarion call on the hushed day of battle, with a hint of frustration and a dollop of American liberty all tied up in larger issues of equality for women and minorities. It is laced with the strong conviction that the bishops no longer speak for the Catholic Church and that the voices of the bishops are no longer the voice of Jesus Christ. If yesterday’s planning session is any indication, it will probably be called “Catholics for Equality” and if all goes as tentatively planned, you may look for it in a diocese near you by Pentecost Sunday (which commemorates the Spirit inflaming the hearts of the disciples and sending them into the crowd they had previously feared to proclaim boldly everything they knew to be true.)

-Ft Tony, Bilerico Project.

This is now old news, but still important.  (I began to prepare something in draft weeks ago, put it aside, and forgot to get back to it.  Sorry.)   I came up against it again this week, going through some posts at Fr Geoffrey Farrow. This what he says on Catholics for Equality , referring to a panel discussion he  had participated in: Read the rest of this entry »