Incitement to Hatred is a Criminal Offence

p style=”text-align: justify;”>Hatred in any form brings consequences. In Uganda, the continual stirring of hatred by some religious groups have culminated in the murder of David Kato. In Arizona, careless language during last year’s election campaign may have contributed to the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. During last year’s NOM bus tour in the US, a picture of a  man with a poster showing an image of a noose and calling for death to gays drew widespread comment – but no penalties.

In the UK, incitement to hatred, including homophobic hatred, is explicitly prohibited by law. This week, a total of five men were arrested and charged with the offence of incitement to hatred – the first ever to be charged under this legislation. All five will appear in court on February 14th.

Pair charged with stirring up homophobic hatred

Two men from Derby have been charged with stirring up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation.

It is the first such prosecution since laws outlawing homophobia came into force in March 2010.

Razwan Javed, 30, and Kabir Ahmed, 27, will appear before magistrates on Friday.

The charges relate to a leaflet, The Death Penalty?, which was distributed outside the Jamia Mosque in Derby in July last year.

The leaflets were also posted through letterboxes in the city.

Mr Javed and Mr Ahmed have both been charged with distributing threatening written material intending to stir up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation.

Crown Prosecution Service lawyer Sue Hemming said: “This is the first ever prosecution for this offence and it is the result of close working between the Crown Prosecution Service and Derbyshire Police.

“Following complaints from the public, Derbyshire Police mounted a thorough investigation.

“We have carefully reviewed the evidence provided by the police and are satisfied that there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest to charge these men.”