Technical Nightmare!

This site currently attempts to manage the difficult art of bi-location (see below), at both and at As of today, any reader attempting to access the latter,, should see an ominous orange screen with the message “Account suspended”. This is a technical issue, which has me extremely angry. The gremlins have struck. I am dealing with it as urgently as I can, but I fear it will not be resolved speedily. Please bear with me.

Back in March, I made an ill-considered move from log hosting at to what is called “self-hosting” at Just Host. (The principle was a good one – but I badly mucked up the migration itself, and the choice of host).

Right from the start, I realised that the mismanagement of the migration was causing difficulties, which I attempted to deal with in different ways. Recently, I effectively admitted to myself that the original attempt was not working, and developed a counter-strategy, which has meant that all recent posts have been cross-posted to both sites. This strategy has been working for me, and now turns out to be a godsend.

At what should be the primary site, the self-hosted one at, the hosting company, Just Host, have without warning suddenly discontinued the account because, they say, it is using too much CPU resources on their server. I understand, after some research, that this can be a problem with some WordPress applications, but one which in principle can be resolved with suitable monitoring and diligence.  What angers me is that this suspension has been done arbitrarily, without notice, and without any attempt to work together to resolve the causes of the trouble.

After a strongly worded letter to Just Host, I have now been given access to the site myself, to attempt to resolve the problem. Until I have done so, there will be no access possible for readers. I will be doing everything I can to sort this out as speedily as possible, but have no idea how long it will take: it could be days, it could be weeks. Who knows?

In the meantime, I am grateful that recent posts at least have been cross-posted at the original domain (this one –  This  will continue to be the site of any fresh posting for the time being, but links within posts which refer to the other domain will simply not work.  I apologize for the difficulties and frustrations this may cause for readers.