Rainbow Sash Movement

In response to my post concluding the Netherlands communions saga, Joe Murray of the Rainbow Sash movement has placed a comment “Join us on Pentecost Sunday“. I’m not sure if this is addressed to me personally, or to my readers as an open invitation. He also does not specify a venue – or even a country. The invitation, however, has merit, so I will treat it as an open invitation, which may be accepted in a range of churches worldwide. This is probably a good time to introduce the Rainbow Sash Movement – for those who do not already know of it.

From the Rainbow Sash website:

The Rainbow Sh Movement had its beginning in England. Nick Holloway was the first GLBT Catholic to wear the Rainbow Sash, a movement was born. The Rainbow Sash then travelled to Australia where it developed into a ecumenical group. It’s leadership was no longer strictly Catholic.

The US Rainbow Sash Movement was founded by Joe Murray, and he became the first US Convener. He honors the founder’s purpose to begin a dialogue within the Church about human sexuality, and the dignity of GLBT people. The US Rainbow Sash Movement has remained a Catholic Organization in membership and leadership. We wear Rainbow Sashes on Pentecost Sunday each year because we understand Pentecost as a celebration of the whole Church. The Bishops response to our form of self identification has been to refuse us the Holy Eucharist. Read the rest of this entry »