Gay Relationships, Cardinal Schonborn, & Church Reform

I’m a little slow in noting this, but last week marked three months since then Cardinal Schonborn, cardinal archbishop of Vienna, suggested that it might be time for the Church to rethink its stance on homosexual relationships, considering the quality of the relationships, rather than simply the “acts”, which is the sole focus of the Vatican document, “Homosexualitatis Problema” (“HP”). This seemingly obvious, eminently rational suggestion is nevertheless so out of kilter with the official stance embodied in HP that I have been waiting and watching carefully for any sign of refutation or repudiation, but there has still not been anything of the sort. Read the rest of this entry »

Another Church Taking a Stand FOR Marriage Equality.

This is local, rather than a formal, national decision, but with its theatrical, guerilla flavour, it has an impact of its own.

According to news reports, Minnesota clergy from the Unitarian Universalist Church are accompanying same sex couples across state lines to conduct marriage services in Iowa:

Seeking to quell a hostile campaign against gay marriage in Iowa and to urge legislators in their home state of Minnesota to legalize it, nine lesbian couples and their pastors “eloped” this past weekend to Iowa, where gay marriage was legalized in April. The mass shotgun wedding wasn’t just a political stunt. It was part of a church mission trip organized by the Unitarian Universalist Church.

The headline of the report asks:

“Should clergy cross the border to marry gay congregants?”

To which my response was :

“If the Gospels mean anything, they mean that Christians should be standing up for the marginalised and excluded, and against hatred and injustice, wherever they find it. That includes injustice fostered and perpetrated by the church itself.”

What do you think?