Denial of Communion in Minnesota: In Conflict with Church Teaching.

It is not at all clear to me what valid reason there cold have been for the denial of communion to these people. If it was on the grounds that they were politicizing the Mass, it was the Minnesota bishops themselves who first introduced the politics to their congregations. If it was because Catholics were daring to show their dissent – this is a right and obligation specified by canon law. If it was on the grounds that these people were “homosexuals”, this is false – participants were declaring support for an oppressed group (a very Catholic stance), not necessarily gay or lesbian themselves. If it is that gay and lesbian Catholics were declaring their identity, this is just another instance of DADT in church.

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Mormon Apology: a Lesson For Minnesota Catholic Bishops

As the Minnesota bishops prepare for their determined campaign to prevent marriage equality in their state, they would do well to reflect on the experience of the Mormons in California over Prop 8. As is well known, the Mormons, like the institutional Catholic Church, were among the mainstay of the opposition to equality, donating substantial sums in cash and in kind to funding support for the ballot initiative.

Since the vote, there have been numerous indications that the Mormon leaders have begun to recognize the hurt their actions have caused to their own members. (I would be surprised if the Mormons were to make the same mistake again). In the clearest demonstration yet of this change of heart, a senior member of the Church  has apologised to lesbian and gay Mormons of California. In a move that Joanna Brooks at Religion Dispatches correctly describes as historic, the leader of the church in California invited Elder Marlin K Jensen to a meeting to hear the stories of pain and suffering the Church had caused to gay and lesbian Mormons, not just by the support for Prop 8, but by its entire approach to homosexuals and their place in the Church. At the conclusion of this testimony  – Elder Jensen apologized.

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Religious Leaders FOR Marriage Equality

In Minnesota, some religious leaders are rallying in favour of marriage equality. This runs counter to the standard views on”homosexuality”, but is entirely consistent with the Gospels’ emphasis on justice and inclusion.  It is also consistent with the practice of the early church, where a form of same sex union received liturgical blessing in church.  For too long we have allowed the religious right to dominate all public discussion of homosexuality, with the result that public debate on the political expression thereof has been reduced to th simplistic arguing between “religious duty” and “civic rights”.  This is a completely false choice:  the religious duty is not to exclude and foster prejudice, discrimination and hatred, but to provide for justice and inclusion for all.


Religious leaders rally for gay marriage at Minnesota Capitol

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