Sergius & Bacchus – and me.

Sergius Bacchus

While away the last few days, I missed the opportunity to write about the feast of SS Sergius and Bacchus, and sadly lacked the foresight to post in advance.  Now, both Jayden Cameron and Michael Bayley have on any case done the job for me, with excellent posts on the topic.  Read them at Gay Mystic and The Wild Reed.  So instead of writing about their lives or importance, I will just share an anecdote about my personal involvement with them.

I first heard about these legendary gay saints over 5 years ago, shortly before I started attending the Soho LGBT Masses.  I was astonished that there might have been such people as gay saints, and took careful note.  Some time later, I was in the vicinity of Westminster Cathedral, and thought it might be an opportunity to do some simple research.  I went into the  Catholic bookshop outside the cathedral, and sought out a couple of comprehensive books of saints.  One listed the two men and their story (without reference to their relationship) and their feast date.   The other gave the dates, but included a disclaimer to the effect “Their cult was suppressed in 1969”.  Read the rest of this entry »