Creeping Towards Acceptance in Faith: Russian Orthodox Church, Gay Jews

“I no longer feel like a conflicted self. I have benefited from reading articles in Tradition and online. I feel more comfortable putting on tefillin and tzitzis and davening three times a day, now that I’ve just accepted sometimes life will be full of contradictions. This is the part of the person that I am.”

Asked later during the Q and A, Josh elaborated.

“Gay men and women in general don’t have a monopoly on having issues with frumkeit,” Josh said.


Since graduating from Yeshiva University, Levovitz helped found JQYouth, which stands for Jewish Queer Youth. He described the group as an “agenda-less” support group of gay and lesbian Jews who come from religious backgrounds.

“Some are trying still to change, some who are gay and live with a gay lifestyle and some struggling still,” he said.


One Response to “Creeping Towards Acceptance in Faith: Russian Orthodox Church, Gay Jews”

  1. Phillip Clark Says:

    I heard of Patriarch Krill’s comment by way of the site the other day and saw it exactly as you did, not as a complete signal of a renewed understanding, but a hopeful beginning, that at least put the inherent dignity of homosexual individuals as persons at the forefront.

    Genuine listening and dialogue, which is what Yeshuva University has so valiantly illustrated, is one of the most crucial elements to overcoming fear, ignorance, and stereotypes regarding homosexuality and gay relationships. It is remarkebly encouraging to see other Christian bodies as well as other religious traditions making such a genuine attempt to truly LISTEN, enter into DIALOGUE, and try and understand this issue, rather than simply dismissing it as a “disorder” and hoping that it will go away.

    The very fact that the polls show that the majority of Catholics favor same-sex marriage, as opposed to our Protestant counteparts, is encouraging enough. Yet, we have not reached the point, or at least without fear of repression or condemnation, in which the subject of homosexuality can be discussed under an official capacity of Catholic leadership without the same Vatican themes being repeated. When we can reach this point, who knows when it will happen, of discussing the matter freely and unincumbered, we will know that a profound breakthrough will finally have been reached and hopefully, enlightened, progressive change in attitude, practice, and doctrine will soon follow.

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